Open Road Course

Did you know that fatalities in rural areas make up almost 75% of the NSW road toll?

We devised our tag-a-long course to give Learners and fully licensed drivers an in depth and immersive experience on the challenges of driving on the Freeway and rural roads. Going through professionally devised content in the form of powerpoint presentation and videos whilst in the comfort of a stationary environment ensures that participants fully absorb the information and are able to practise their new knowledge in a practical way. Driving in their own car makes for a more familiar and comfortable environment whilst receiving professional tips from their instructors through a high powered UHF radio. A great day out with a whole lot of fun for the whole family!



What does the Open Road Tag-a-long Course include/cover?

4 hour course for $150 with lunch for students and supervisors included

Students to gain Highway, Freeway, Country road driving experience

6 Logbook hours to be awarded (for Learner drivers under the age of 25)

Three roadside tutorials with videos and powerpoint presentations

High powered UHF radios are used to stay in contact with the instructors

Pre freeway car maintenance checks including tyres, fluids and fuel types

Driving onto a ferry (A great experience and a lot of fun!)

Mum and dad can ask questions too!


Am I eligible? What do I need?

A valid NSW drivers license

Minimum 20 hours and/or the confidence to drive on the freeway

A suitable roadworthy vehicle

All those with Learner licenses require a fully licensed supervising driver


Upcoming Open Road Course

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