Learner Driver FAQs


Q: If a student unsuccessful how long must they wait before sitting their on road driving test again?
A: They may re-book their test immediately however they cannot sit the exam again within 7 days

Q: How many hours does a student need to complete in their logbook?
A: They need to have held their learners license for a minimum of 12 months and to have logged 120 hour of driving which includes a minimum 20 hours at night.

Q: Are there ways to reduce the number of hours a student must complete?
A: Yes, once they've completed 50 hours they are eligible to attend a safer drivers course which credits with 20 logged hours. Also driving lessons with a qualified instructor are credited as 3 hours for every hour

Q: Does everyone need to complete a log book to obtain their license?
A: No, if you are over the age of 25 or converting an overseas license you are not required to complete a log book

Q: How long does a student need to remain on their P plates for?
A: They need to have held their Red P's for a minimum of 12 months to progress to their Green P's and a further 24 months on Green P's to move to their full license

Q: What tests are involved when progressing to their next licence?
A: To obtain their Red P's students must complete a hazard perception test (HPT) and an on road driving test (DT)

Q: Do I need to notify my insurance company of my student driving my car?
A: Yes, you should advise your insurance company that you will be teaching a student on a regular basis however this should not change your premium.

Q: How many lessons does my student get credited for at 3 for 1 with a qualified driving instructor?
A: A student is entitled to have 10 driving lessons that count for 3 hours each, after this they count as regular timed lessons

Q: Is my student allowed to drive barefoot?
A: Yes, its perfectly legal to drive barefoot or in any type of footwear however in the event of an accident if it is deemed by the police that the cause of the accident was caused by the selection of footwear i.e. high heels the student can be charged with negligent driving.

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