Driving Lessons in Manly

Manly Driving Lessons.

Platinum Driving Tuition has the best driving instructors in your Manly. All the instructors are fully qualified to teach you safe habits to give you a lifetime of safety on the road.

Our high quality driving lessons are affordable and friendly.

Platinum's driving instructors are always kind, calm, patient, and supportive and will help you achieve your driving goals.

We’ll help you to master the key techniques in driving including:

  • Learning how to ‘read the road’ and accurately plan decision and take them at the right speed, with well-judged turn-in points, apexes and exits.
  • How to finely use your accelerator, brakes and steering to maintain high-speed stability and balance.
  • Helps you discover that how to take full advantage of your car’s handling and active safety technology in necessarily process of sudden and abrupt changes in direction.
Manly driving lessons, Sydney's northern beaches
Manual Driving Lessons

manual transmission

All our instructors are qualified to provide manual driving lessons in Manly. Contact us today to start learning in a manual vehicle today!

Refresher Lessons

refresher driving lesson

If you haven't driven for a while and need to get your confidence back behind the wheel, a refresher lesson is perfect for you. We offer both manual and automatic refresher lessons in Manly.

Platinum Driving Lesson Prices in Manly

Single Lesson

For those who are looking for a single lesson or two to help them on their way.

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5 Lessons OR MORE

If you are looking for 5 lessons or more this would be your best option.

Test Day

A warm-up drive an hour prior to your test, pass your test and we drive you home. Simple!

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